ResourceCo is in the business of resource recovery – Transforming waste into useable products – preserving the planets limited resources both for today and future generations

Since we began, our philosophy has been simple: the rubble we handle, the tyres we recover and the waste we collect will not simply go to landfill but be remade as useful and valuable products. Today that’s the case for 90% of the material we handle. That requires a creative and agile culture and makes us a valuable company, as well as a significant contributor to the global effort of our time.

Sustainability Report

Our first Sustainability Report for the year ending December 2021, charts our successes on that path, our discoveries and our unique perspectives from the ground up. Along the way you’ll understand what drives us, what makes us a valuable business partner, the proof of our processes, the directions and disciplines we’ve adopted and pioneered as well as the quantified metrics that we serve. We are confident that one day we will be able to unequivocally say:

There is NO such thing as waste
Simon Brown – Managing Director

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