We are pioneers of waste to energy generation in Australasia, built on the belief that developing alternatives to fossil fuel usage is integral to maintaining a sustainable environment.

As an international leader in resource recovery and alternative fuels, ResourceCo manufactures Process Engineered Fuel (PEF) as a finished product, from select dry non-recyclable material and not from municipal waste.

ResourceCo also produces Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) as a finished product, repurposing used tyre and conveyor belts for use in sophisticated, high-energy manufacturing environments and power plants.

Process Engineered Fuel

PEF is a ready-to-use alternative fuel source, generated from select dry commercial, industrial, mixed construction and demolition materials.

PEF’s ability to harness the energy value of material currently going to waste in landfill sites is unrivalled.

ResourceCo’s PEF plants produce a product that has a lower emissions profile and displaces millions of tonnes of fossil fuels at a lower price point, as well as abating hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2. 

ResourceCo services well-established markets for high energy users in both Australia and South-East Asia, where PEF is consumed for energy production in cement kilns without generating residues.

ResourceCo’s PEF is fully compliant with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Regulator under the Emissions Reduction Fund and satisfies import regulations of our overseas markets including Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Dependent on customer needs our PEF product is manufactured at three different locations across Australasia. More information on each operation can be downloaded below.

As part of our NSW EPA compliance, our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP) for Cleanaway-ResourceCo in Wetherill Park, NSW can be downloaded below.

PROC 31 – Pollution Incident Response Management Plan WP RRF (Rev 3)Download

Energy infrastructure

As the Australian leader in alternative fuels made from recovered resources, ResourceCo can provide a lower cost, renewable, long-term energy solution for Australian manufacturing and high-energy users.

Whether replacing gas, coal or electricity, there are proven technologies available today to use ResourceCo fuels to reduce energy costs for Australian businesses.

Under long-term agreements, ResourceCo can partner with large energy users to install alternative energy infrastructure within their operations to provide lower cost, renewable heat or electricity. ResourceCo funds, builds, owns and operates the energy plant, taking this risk and capital cost away from the user. Alternatively, ResourceCo can provide the fuel only under a long term agreement should the energy user wish to own the energy plant.


What we do

We believe we can no longer just discard things because we have used them before. We need to find new ways to recycle and reuse everything. We are ResourceCo.