ResourceCo adds value to otherwise discarded materials by capturing and repurposing soils from significant infrastructure projects to create new bulk fill solutions.

About us

As Australia progresses its infrastructure boom requiring tunneling and deep excavation, we are diverting and repurposing millions of tonnes of soil. ResourceCo provides complete material supply, transport and disposal services for site remediation, rehabilitation, and development projects.

Our proven capability comes from more than 30 years experience in earthworks projects. We have strong relationships with Australia’s largest bulk fill producers and movers and can work to the most complex material specifications and fill placement plans.

We are proud to partner with a national network of government and Tier 1 companies to deliver social and environmental outcomes.

We understand the need to meet our clients’ key expectations including:

ResourceCo manages a modern transport fleet operated by an experienced and qualified mix of staff and subcontractors. They are approved under our internal compliance standards and have all the relevant insurances and work, health and safety policies in place.

Our transport fleet of more than 1000 vehicles comprises trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and tandems. This ensures that we always have the right combination ready to meet our clients’ needs and the capacity to deliver more than 3000 tonnes of material per day.

We complete all work to the exacting standards set out in independent Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety accreditation systems.

Working with us, clients can be confident they will receive a total materials solution, tailored to their project site. Our services include:

*Vehicles will have the appropriate EPA licensing for the transport of listed materials.

Soil & Fill Solutions

ResourceCo offers a range of soil and fill solutions including the manufacturing of high-quality trenching, brickie and red plaster sands available by the tonne, as well as storage and disposal of waste soils.

ResourceCo can accept waste fill (clean fill) at several resource recovery facility locations throughout Australia. Intermediate waste soil and intermediate landfill cover meeting the chemical criteria for intermediate waste soil can be disposed of at one of our soil facilities.

Low level contaminated soils in truck, trailer or drum can be disposed of at one of our landfill sites, while high level contaminated soil that cannot be disposed of untreated can be delivered to a ResourceCo soil treatment to undergo a treatment management plan encompassing all regulatory approvals.

ResourceCo is also able to provide environmental consulting services to assess the disposal options as well as undertake emergency response for hazardous and non-hazardous spills, including initial response, spill containment, disposal of waste and site assessment and remediation if required.

Our dedicated EPA compliant facilities include an undercover soil treatment facility which allows for a full range of treatment options at a single location for materials from the largest of remediation projects.

Our suite of operations offer our clients packaged solutions, via a complete end of life option after the extraction of all reusable and recyclable materials has been taken.

Soil & Fill Solutions

What we do

We believe we can no longer just discard things because we have used them before. We need to find new ways to recycle and reuse everything. We are ResourceCo.