ResourceCo’s Soil Reuse and Recycling business pillar is growing in both breadth and depth – our presence across Australia and our capability to recycle and reuse greater volumes and types of soil is meeting a market need for more sustainable outcomes. This month Steve Harrison, CEO of ResourceCo’s Soil Reuse and Recycling business pillar talks with the Waste Management Review about our commitment to maximizing the potential of all soil we handle. “We want to focus on what’s at the core of ResourceCo, recognising the value within all the material we handle in order to maximise outcomes for our customers and the environment – that’s where soil recycling adds to our reuse offering,” said Steve.

ResourceCo's enhanced capabilities, diverting more resources away from landfill while creating high-quality products.
ResourceCo’s enhanced capabilities, creating high-quality products while simultaneously diverting resources away from landfill.

ResourceCo’s soil reuse and recycling pillar operates in three core areas – providing reuse solutions for structural material in the marketplace; reusing fill material in its network of rehabilitation and development sites; and processing and recycling mixed soil materials to create new commodities.

“Throughout ResourceCo’s operations we screen and separate an extensive range of materials that have value,” Steve says. “We genuinely subscribe to the ethos that there is no such thing as waste, and the reality is, the bulk of what we handle can be recycled into a range of high quality, in-demand products.”

Read more about our Soil Reuse & Recycling business pillar in the current edition of the Waste Management Review


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