ResourceCo, a leader in the recovery and re-manufacturing sector, has further boosted its credentials in the delivery of lower cost alternative energy solutions across Australia.

The company is pleased to announce the appointment of Chief Executive Officer Henry Anning to ResourceCo’s “specialised” energy arm, which supports the manufacturing industry and high-energy users with long-term, low-cost, renewable energy solutions.

Mr Anning recently led Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s (CEFC) bioenergy and energy from waste financing programs and is a former Associate Director at Low Carbon Australia focussing on bioenergy sector finance and industry engagement.  

Mr Anning’s experience and expertise will assist ResourceCo to elevate its behind-the-meter waste to energy solutions.

“I’m delighted to be joining the leading provider of alternative waste fuels in Australia at a time when manufacturers and high-energy users are crying out for real solutions.

“The waste to energy sector is entering an exciting growth phase, with businesses looking for genuine alternatives to rising gas and electricity costs, which have stung them over the last five years. Some businesses have experienced a 400 per cent increase in gas prices.

“ResourceCo provides a quality long-term energy partner that has a proven track record in helping businesses reduce costs while demonstrating responsible environmental management,” Mr Anning says.

ResourceCo has been operating alternative fuel plants for over 10 years, working with major companies including Adelaide Brighton Cement, SUEZ, Cleanaway and Boral.  

The company manufactures process engineered fuel (PEF) from residential hard waste, commercial and industrial (C&I), residuals from recycling and certain construction and demolition (C&D)
materials. These are primarily waste timber materials and also include non-recyclable plastics, cardboard, paper and textiles.

ResourceCo’s state of the art alternative fuel plants recover more than 90% of all incoming materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Mr Anning says ResourceCo is looking to develop new energy plants with biomass boilers to use the waste timber PEF, which effectively reduces reliance on fossil fuels while also reducing emissions.

“It’s about providing a unique solution to the requirement for heat in manufacturing and providing businesses with an over 90 per cent renewable heat source as an alternative to gas, coal or electricity.

“For example, we can deliver a real solution for businesses with existing boilers using between 100 thousand gigajoules and a petajoule of natural gas –by installing between a five megawatt and 40-megawatt waste wood boiler.

“These energy plants provide a critical piece of long-term infrastructure that delivers a fixed cost solution for our customers. It’s a win/win in terms of business and environmental outcomes.”

ReseourceCo will fund, build, own and operate the energy plant, taking the risk and capital cost away from the user. Large energy users will be provided with lower cost, renewable heat or electricity under a long-term agreement with ResourceCo. Alternatively, ResourceCo can provide the fuel only under a long-term agreement.

Having re-purposed over 50 million tonnes of materials, ResourceCo has proven credentials in delivering tailored solutions across a wide range of industry sectors including industrial and manufacturing, energy, construction, defence, demolition and rehabilitation, government, major infrastructure projects, mining, transport, waste and water.

Its alternative fuel complies with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Clean Energy regulator under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Did you know?

The manufacturing sector uses approximately 390 petajoules of gas for heat each year. This is the same amount of energy as the electricity used in 16 million Australian households each year – (Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Energy Update August 2018).


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