The Adelaide Central Market precinct is an iconic site within Adelaide’s CBD. Equally as iconic is South Australia’s long-standing leadership when it comes to resource recovery. These two themes came together when ResourceCo received over 12,500 tonnes of concrete from Delta Group as they undertook enabling works at the Gouger Street site.

ResourceCo’s CEO of Recycling and Waste, Brad Lemmon, recently met with City of Adelaide Lord Mayor, Jane Lomax-Smith, who was keen to learn more about the recycling outcomes of this project. The Lord Mayor generously acknowledged ResourceCo’s commitment to recycling the 600 plus loads of concrete from the site.

ResourceCo received the material at Wingfield where it has since been remanufactured into products that have been resupplied into the market for a wide range of civil construction applications. “Our relationship with ResourceCo has been a win-win for everybody, but particularly the environment. It means that there has been less waste going to landfill, and less quarrying into the future”, said the Lord Mayor.


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