While we keenly awaiting the Government’s response to recent consultation on its proposed timeframes for a waste export ban on whole baled tyres, we remain hopeful that common sense will prevail.

The proposed December 2021 deadline for a ban on the export of whole baled tyres is nonsensical and must be accelerated to avoid unnecessary delays in ending the associated dire environmental and human health outcomes.

The fact remains, there is simply no need to wait another two years for action. Australia already has both the technology and the capacity to recycle our waste tyres on home-soil.  Indeed, we’re already doing it – turning them into low-carbon, environmentally responsible products for use in roads, soft-fall sporting surfaces, adhesives and alternative fuel.

Stimulating market demand and creating new markets for products incorporating remanufactured tyres and other repurposed waste materials is the key. That, coupled with Government procurement targets, will go a long way towards ensuring our country is responsibly dealing with the waste we generate.

We remain encouraged by the Federal Government’s commitment to change, we simply implore those with the power to be bold in their actions in backing the growth of a circular economy. Ultimately, it’s a policy position that will encourage investment in infrastructure in Australia and importantly lead to job creation.


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