Quarry Sands

From our quarry at Southern Waste ResourceCo, McLaren Vale we offer high quality Trenching, Brickie and Red Plaster sands. All 3 sands are available by the tonne. POA

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Trenching Sand       Red Plaster Sand       Brickie Sand

Waste Fill (clean fill)

ResourceCo can accept waste soil at several locations throughout Australia. Waste soil can be disposed directly at one of our resource recovery facilities. Our environmental team can provide advice for environmental assessment of larger quantities in accordance with current Australian requirements.

Intermediate Waste Soil

ResourceCo currently operate several sites nationally for re-use of intermediate waste soil at. Please contact us for further information on the benefits of re-use.

Intermediate Landfill Cover

Waste soils meeting the chemical criteria for intermediate waste soil can also be disposed of at one of our soil facilities.

Low Level Contaminated Soil

Low level contaminated soils in truck, trailer or drum can be disposed of at one of our landfill sites.

Soil Storage

Soil storage pending waste classification is available at several of our sites. Soils are able to be received unclassified, pending further investigation by an environmental consultant. This is of particular use for emergency remediation or where site access will not allow onsite stockpiling to be undertaken.

Once classified, soils can either be removed or disposed of at our facility.

High Level Contaminated Soil Treatment

ResourceCo can undertake treatment of soils with high contaminant loads that are not able to be disposed of in their untreated state. ResourceCo has undertaken a variety of waste soil treatment projects including chemical fixation and bioremediation of contaminated soils. A treatment management plan will be prepared encompassing all regulatory approvals prior to undertaking treatment.

Environmental Consulting Services

ResourceCo can arrange the services of an environmental consultant to undertake soil assessment works to assess what disposal option is required.

Project Management

ResourceCo has a variety of vertically integrated capabilities to manage environmental assessment by an independent certified consultant, soil remediation or disposal and logistics services.

Emergency Response

ResourceCo is able to undertake emergency response for hazardous and non-hazardous spills. This includes initial response, spill containment, disposal of waste and site assessment and remediation if required.

ResourceCo can undertake on ground services via its sister company

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