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ResourceCo have a proven track record in managing complex sites with the capability and experience to deliver a quality result. The Logistics business is built on providing end to end solutions – capturing and re-using materials from the marketplace. To manage this effectively ResourceCo have developed a robust material management system to effectively manage this information.

Managing a large fleet of contractors allows us to effectively capture material from the market whether it is a Tandem on Hire, 30 Truck and Trailers or supporting major projects with their cartage requirements ResourceCo Material Solutions are well placed to deliver a wide variety of transport solutions.

With ResourceCo Material Solutions you are working with a company capable of providing end to end solutions. Whether dealing with contaminated land, working with ex-quarry sites and mining licenses, through to importing materials to develop sporting fields or rehabilitate school grounds ResourceCo has the experience to manage your project.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Best Practice

At ResourceCo we understand better than most the potential impacts on the environment and safety of all stakeholders in our day to day operations. We are one of the few companies that can proudly say that we hold Quality, Safety and Environmental certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 standards. We employ material testing regimes that put us at the forefront of the industry and give you peace of mind that your project will be delivered in a safe and environmentally sound manner

Logistics and Material Re-Use

ResourceCo Material Solutions is an experienced logistics operation that works to provide customers with cost effective material supply and disposal solutions. Managing a large truck fleet of contractors allows us to effectively capture material to assist in the rehabilitation or development of projects. Through this direct capture of required materials we can have a greater control over the time frames involved with delivering any project.

We are committed to conserving and re-using our natural resources, it is core to the business strategy we employ. Our material re-use philosophy means that we can reduce the cost of delivering your project, without compromising on quality of the material used due to the sound environmental practices we employ.

ResourceCo are proactive in the market identifying materials that may be re-used whether it be mudstones or clays through to concrete or fill material that can be processed to produce a Recycled Concrete product or Processed Top Soil. These practices are at the forefront of providing you the customer with cost effective material supply and/or disposal solutions.

Material Management Systems

ResourceCo Material Solutions understand that the moving of fill materials is an ever-changing landscape. To manage this effectively we have developed robust material management systems to effectively coordinate this information and ensure that our team provides the best solutions in the market.

Transport Solutions and Contractor Management

We are well placed to support its customers with transport solutions. At ResourceCo Material Solutions we are innovative in our approach to transport and are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of moving materials. We manage a large fleet of contractors maintained in line with our strict compliance standards which includes meeting all appropriate insurances, registrations and vehicle maintenance requirements so you can rest assured that we manage the contractor risk for you.

Management of Contaminated Materials

We specialise in providing cartage and disposal solutions for contaminated materials. We are able to provide you with cost effective solutions through leveraging strategic partnerships with end use sites and packaging this with cost effective transport options. ResourceCo can support you with the full range of services from material testing and development of plans to manage contaminates found on site to treatment, disposal and cartage solutions. When it comes to dealing with contaminated soils there is no one better placed to provide you with a cost effective solution that will get your project off the ground.

End to End Solutions

ResourceCo Material Solutions can provide complete solutions for the supply or disposal of materials on sites that are targeted for remediation, rehabilitation or development.

As every site is unique, our goal is always to work with our clients to realise each site’s potential.

When you engage ResourceCo Material Solutions there’s peace of mind in knowing you are dealing with a company capable of providing complete end to end solutions. Even if you have a contaminated site, ResourceCo can provide safe and environmentally sound disposal of materials.

Our services range from initial site assessment through to transportation of materials to and from the site. Over 30 years of experience in earthworks projects means we have extensive market knowledge, supplier networks and materials expertise.

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