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Finding sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels has never been more important.

ResourceCo Energy has been established to develop additional end user opportunities for the rapidly expanding global market for Alternative Fuel products produced by ResourceCo.

This alternative fuel is a highly-automated manufacturing process to create a fit for purpose specified product which is used as a replacement to traditional fossil fuels (gas and coal) in high temperature combustion applications.

ResourceCo Asia is an industry leader in the growing alternate fuels market for the cement industry in Asia.

ResourceCo Asia owns the region’s first waste to energy (WtE) processing plant – a state-of-the-art facility in Ipoh, Malaysia designed for the production of Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) – a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) processed from non-recyclable waste.

Since operations began in Malaysia in May 2011, ResourceCo Asia has revolutionised the waste recycling practices in the region by converting non-recyclable waste into alternative energy sources instead of dumping to landfills.

ResourceCo Asia is in a long-term partnership to supply Lafarge Malaysia – a leading global cement manufacturer with approximately 70,000 tonnes per annum of alternative fuels for its cement kilns. By partnering with ResourceCo Asia, Lafarge Malaysia has achieved significant fuel cost savings and is on track to reduce its carbon footprint and dependence on coal.

Globally the cement industry has been the major user of these fuels and in Australia, ResourceCo has a market leadership position via the processing of over 1 million tonnes of Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition residues under contract to Adelaide Brighton Limited. This product is an environmentally beneficial fuel substitute for their cement kiln in South Australia.

The substitution and use of this alternative fuel source not only conserves natural resources and reduce landfill but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Here in Australia, ResourceCo Energy continues to develop commercial relationship with Australia’s leading industrial kiln operators for specific end user opportunities.

ResourceCo has invested considerable time and capital to develop specialist renewable energy facilities based on small scale (10-15 MW) purpose built based load (24/7) renewable energy (REC compliant) power generation plants.

These power plants are designed to operate in tandem with alternative fuel manufacturing facilities to provide a closed loop renewable energy solution via the use of approximately 100,000 tons of alternative fuel per annum specifically for power generation for grid applications or specified and dedicated end power users. The technology for these plants is emerging throughout Europe but has been limited in Australia due to historically low commodity prices and the associated low cost of coal based power generation. But with the rising costs and environmental impact of fossil fuels, ResourceCo will become a significant global player in the production of Alternate fuels.

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