Land Rehabilitation

Our expertise in recycling isn’t limited to materials. Land rehabilitation is another area in which we give new life to something which is seemingly beyond its use by date. In returning parcels of land to a useable state, we work closely with our customers, to develop a client brief that we both sign off on and re-visit as the project progresses. ResourceCo then works towards a Master Plan, while managing Stakeholder Engagement along the way.

At ResourceCo, we have a vast amount of experience in managing the site from the moment our client decides to rehabilitate, right through the project lifecycle to handover.

A frequent partner in our land rehabilitation projects is Adelaide Capital Partners Pty Ltd, of which ResourceCo is a 50% shareholder. Adelaide Capital Partners’ expertise in property development and remediation, together with ResourceCo’s rehabilitation know-how, has seen many parcels of land that were wasteland eventually become thriving business and commercial centres.