ResourceCo Carbon

As a natural extension of ResourceCo’s core environmental and recycling platform, we have developed a strong presence in the emerging carbon industry. Through the establishment of ResourceCo Carbon Pty Ltd (“ResourceCo Carbon”) we have built an operation focused on the delivery of carbon abatement solutions for end use by Australian businesses.

ResourceCo, through its partnership with SUEZ Australia, as Australia’s leading manufacturer of Alternative Fuel, provided carbon abatement under the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Climate Change, Greenhouse Friendly™ carbon abatement program. The unique recycling process creates a definable carbon benefit through the avoidance of the disposal of material to landfill and prevents the subsequent creation of harmful methane gasses.

Following on from the Group’s success in the creation and sale of carbon abatement, ResourceCo has invested significantly in the Australian carbon industry, taking a diversified approach via a number of direct investments. These include both directly into specific carbon abatement generation projects and the compliance and auditing area of this fast growing industry.

Proof of our success in this area is the fact that in the year 2015/16, ResourceCo offset its carbon footprint of 2952 tonnes

Carbon Abatement

ResourceCo is actively improving its own internal measurement and monitoring practices to become ‘carbon ready’. ResourceCo continues to work with its key partners and customers to find opportunities to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The reality is that ResourceCo have always been in the business of improved sustainable outcomes and we are keen to play our part in Australia’s transition to a new carbon economy.

ResourceCo Carbon has made a significant investment in a range of direct carbon abatement activities including, the registration of avoided deforestation carbon projects and the creation and registration of designated carbon sinks using existing forestry assets.

These projects will be registered and taken up by ResourceCo clients and other major Australian corporations to assist these groups offset their carbon emissions.

ResourceCo continues its strong history in delivering a broad range of environmental solutions including recycling, resource recovery, the manufacture of alternative fuels and now carbon abatement credits that add value for both customers and the communities in which it operates