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Tyrecycle is Australia’s largest collector and processor of EOL (End Of Life) tyres and conveyor belts. Tyrecycle is committed to eliminating sending tyres to landfill or whole baled tyres offshore, and is the only producer of Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) that can guarantee a full chain of custody from cradle-to-grave. All products, Granule, Crumb and TDF are utilised in an environmentally sound way.

Tyrecycle has a national network of collection and processing capabilities, including Australia’s largest crumbing plant based in Somerton, Melbourne.

The manufacturing infrastructure is second to none in the Australian market. With 5 secure processing facilities, 12 specialised rubber shredders, 5 granulators, and 3 large scale mills. Tyrecycle is the only company in the industry to have a processing plant in each state of Australia.

Tyrecycle’s fleet of over 70 collection vehicles is unsurpassed in Australia. From wheel weights and batteries, from forklift tyres to earthmover tyres; if it needs collection and recycling, Tyrecycle can provide a complete service almost anywhere is Australia.

Supporting Tyrecycle’s existing fixed-location operations across Australia is their purpose designed and built mobile shredder, providing an efficient, reliable and sustainable solution for councils, remote miners and construction sites across Australia.

Depending on requirements we can attend onsite and either shred in-situ or transport the rubber waste back to one of our five processing facilities across Australia.

Tyrecycle’s belief that we all need to be smarter about how we use the earth’s limited resources sits comfortably with ResourceCo’s objectives. Our commitment to a high level of service also comes with a certainty that compliance with statutory, regulatory and customer requirements is a given.

Environmental Impact

Even the smallest number of dumped tyres can create a dangerous breeding ground for mosquitoes that transport disease, such as Dengue Fever and the Ross River Virus.

Tyres are also combustible. Once ignited, they are difficult to extinguish – producing chemical toxins that affect humans, flora, fauna, waterways and the atmosphere.

By expanding tyre recycling and the application of tyre products we’ll not only reduce the number of tyres sent to landfill but be able to create a cleaner, healthier environment.

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