Construction & Demolition Recycling


Incoming Raw Materials

South Australia

ResourceCo and Southern Waste ResourceCo accepts material in the Construction and Demolition, Commercial and Industrial and Mixed Construction and Demolition waste streams. This material is sorted and the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, inert fractions (bricks, concrete etc) and non-recyclables are removed.

All salvaged metals are then shipped to specialist external companies for sorting and recycling. The inert fractions are recycled and resupplied to the civil construction market as an alternative to traditional quarried products.

Other waste streams accepted are asphalt, concrete and masonry, which are recycled into rubbles and road base materials, and Clean, Wet and Mixed Fill.


Our SUEZ-ResourceCo Victoria site is the only site in Melbourne that offers a full range of resource recovery and recycling solutions for the C&D sector.

This one-stop-shop facility accepts clean C&D streams to be recycled into road base material. It also accepts mixed C&D waste, which is processed to remove the soil, aggregates, metal, timber, plastic and other material for re-use. The materials produced from this resource recovery facility meet VicRoads specifications. The facility is also VicRoads accredited and has approved mixed designs for both Class 3 & 4 materials.

The facility can receive clean fill and wet clean fill from excavations for management and disposal, and contributes to the rehabilitation of the former sand quarry located onsite. SUEZ-ResourceCo provides a total integrated resource recovery business, diverting waste away from landfill and adding value to maximise the recovery of recyclable materials.

Outgoing Finished Products

South Australia

ResourceCo manufactures a wide range of recycled pavement materials, aggregates, sands, bulk fills & asphalt products at various facilities. Source materials are crushed concrete, bricks and asphalt.

ResourceCo applies strict quality control and production procedures under its ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO 18001 accreditations and manufacturers materials to meet Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure (DPTI) PM Specifications where applicable. ResourceCo is pre-qualified with DPTI and all materials are tested for compliance by and external NATA laboratory.


SUEZ-ResourceCo Victoria manufactures a range of recycled crushed concrete materials, at its Hampton Park Recovery Facility and applies strict quality control and production procedures, to ensure products comply with VicRoads specification section 820 – Recycled crushed concrete for pavement sub-base and light duty base. SUEZ-ResourceCo conducts independent tests by a NATA accredited laboratory to ensure our products are consistently of the highest standard of Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4 Recycled Crushed Concrete.

SUEZ-ResourceCo has the capacity to supply these materials to your next project, and has identified the need to deliver these products in a timely and effective manner. In order to meet customers’ requirements, SUEZ-ResourceCo has engaged experienced and suitably qualified sub-contractors. These contractors are approved under our internal compliance requirements and have appropriate insurance and OH&S policies in place. SUEZ-ResourceCo delivery capabilities comprise of trucks and trailers, semi and tandems, ensuring we have the right combination to service our customers’ needs and sufficient capacity to deliver.

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