Tyre Derived Fuel


Tyrecycle is the largest collector and recycler of End Of Life (EOL) tyres and conveyor belts in Australia.

Scrap and imperfect tyres are collected from manufacturers, retail partners, local councils and other sources and processed at secure facilities across Australia in accordance with environmental regulations (including all EPA and Council Approvals).

These tyres and conveyor belts are re-purposed in several ways. They can be broken down into rubber crumb and used for road repair and construction, playground surfaces, new tyres, brake pads and sporting surfaces. They can also be turned into rubber granulate, Tyre Derived Aggregate (TDA) and Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF), used mainly in cement kilns and energy generation applications.

Tyrecycle’s expertise in creating TDF complements parent-company ResourceCo’s proficiency and direct contract relationships with Alternative Fuel end users.

Customers who dispose of tyres maintain a chain of custody, so they can be assured that all TDF produced reaches its intended destination. Furthermore, a strict audit process ensures that all users of TDF supplied by Tyrecycle are environmentally compliant.

ResourceCo’s role includes identifying those waste streams suitable for the production of a fuel to meet the kiln operator requirements. ResourceCo is further developing the supply of Alternative Fuels (TDF & PEF) into Japan, Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam.

For more information please visit the Tyrecycle website www.tyrecycle.com.au

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