As the Australian leader in alternative fuels made from recovered resources, ResourceCo is uniquely placed to provide a lower cost, renewable, long-term energy solution for Australian manufacturing and high-energy users.

Our philosophy is simple. Discarded materials are not waste but a valuable resource that together, we can recover and transform into practical solutions. Doing this conserves our country’s finite natural resources, provides jobs and delivers cost effective solutions for energy users.

We manufacture process engineered fuel (PEF) from non-recyclable commercial and industrial (C&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) waste streams. These typically include but are not limited to non-recyclable plastics, cardboard, paper and textiles as well as certain difficult to recycle waste timber materials.

Our state of the art plants recover more than 90% of all incoming materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Put simply, diverting waste from landfill makes environmental sense!

Whether replacing gas, coal or electricity, there are proven technologies available today to use ResourceCo fuels to reduce energy costs for Australian businesses. There are hundreds of plants throughout Europe using waste derived fuel for heat and electricity.

How does it work?
Large energy users will be provided with lower cost, renewable heat or electricity under a long term agreement. ResourceCo will fund, build, own and operate the energy plant, taking this risk and capital cost away from the user. Alternatively, ResourceCo can provide the fuel only under a long term agreement should the energy user wish to own the energy plant.

ResourceCo Energy Brochure