Change of Chairman for ResourceCo

Friday May 22, 2015


ResourceCo Looks to the Future with an Eye on Expansion

Twenty two years after it opened its doors to re-purpose retained value in materials otherwise destined for disposal, the ResourceCo Group is taking its technology to the world and operating across 20 sites in Australia and Asia.At the helm throughout those two-plus decade transformation from a small, green recycling company to a global player in resource recovery has been Chairman John Heard. “I am very proud of the ResourceCo’s growth, the loyalty of its employees and its commitment to continuous improvement in the quality and range of its products,” Mr Heard said. Reflecting upon the journey, ahead of handing the baton to new Chairman Andrew Poulter, Mr Heard acknowledged it had been an exhilarating ride. “The company has been very entrepreneurial and is now a recognised international leader in resource recovery and advanced manufacturing.” ResourceCo has current sales of $130 million per annum and has been growing by an average 30% per annum for the last five years.Fuelled by a belief that we all need to be smarter about how we use the earth’s limited resources, ResourceCo has in recent years expanded beyond Australia, with international operations now established in Singapore and Malaysia, and its materials distributed as far as Korea, Japan and Pakistan.  “The company has ambitious plans to further expand in several key International markets, including Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. Locally there are exciting projects presenting themselves all over Australia,” Mr Heard said. “Those expansions will require a much greater contribution from the Board and Management, making it the perfect time to bring new energy and vision on-board,” he said. “Andrew is the right person, with the right credentials to lead the company’s future strategy.”Mr Poulter brings 25 years’ experience as a senior financial executive in an international FTSE 100 group and large Cap Australian listed companies.  His previous roles include Financial Director for Lafarge Cement UK, Chief Financial Officer for Adelaide Brighton Cement and latterly Chief Financial Officer of Boral With his eyes firmly fixed on the future, Mr Poulter said he will be looking to achieve continued controlled, sustainable growth through further developing key strategic partnerships. “We’ll be looking to grow ResourceCo’s reputation as a leading alternative fuel supplier globally.  While, here in Australia we want to play a key role in the achievement of critical State and Federal environmental targets, including zero waste and carbon emissions,” Mr Poulter said.  Mr Heard, who hands over the baton at the company’s Board Meeting on June 3rd, also paid tribute to CEO Simon Brown, who started the company with two staff in 1992, and now employs over 500. “Simon has led the company through a period of great growth, well supported by a highly skilled team,” Mr Heard said. ResourceCo’s growth is set to continue, through an expansive pipeline of projects ahead in both Asia and Australia. In a joint venture operation, ResourceCo Asia has taken the group’s leading alternative fuel technology directly into the Asian markets. “We see South-East Asia as a real growth market for the processing of combustible waste and manufacture of alternative fuels,” said Mr Brown.“We’re focused on fostering partnerships and investment at a local level to maximise the energy that can be recovered from waste materials,” he said. As well as operating a Singapore-based hub, ResourceCo Asia’s first processing facility in the region is a state-of-the-art Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) manufacturing plant in Ipoh, Malaysia, which has 100,000 tonne-plus processing capacity. “The fuel generated from the facility co-fires the kilns of the world’s largest cement manufacturer Lafarge, in a partnership which is reducing the reliance on fossil fuels in the production of cement in South-East Asia,” Mr Brown said. “The scope for expansion is considerable. We’re already seeing interest in alternative fuels in emerging markets right across South East Asia and we think that will only grow.”ResourceCo’s Asian operations also intersect with its subsidiary Tyrecycle, which is the biggest recycler of End of Life (EOL) tyres and conveyor belts in Australia. Tyrecycle converts rubber waste into quality Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) and other value-added products and as well-developed overseas infrastructure to service direct trading relationships with various cement kiln operators in the region. “Waste tyre disposal and management is a huge problem for the environment.  Turning a waste stream otherwise destined for landfill into an alternative fuel product that burns cleaner than coal is something we’re very proud of. Both projects are good examples of ResourceCo’s business model to identify new end markets for primary product substitution and then find suitable waste streams for recovery and processing to meet these needs. “We also look to enter into joint ventures and strategic partnerships, where the synergies make sense, to ensure a strong chain of custody, environmental compliance and investment in local communities,” Mr Brown said.In Australia, ResourceCo has established itself at the forefront of resource recovery, committed to conserving our natural resources by reducing, recycling and re-purposing a broad range of materials otherwise destined for landfill. Its products include alternative fuel, recycled crumb, asphaltic products, recycled concrete, bricks, construction waste aggregates and soil, all produced under strict quality control guidelines A major turning point for the company came in 2006, when ResourceCo, working closely with Adelaide Brighton Cement Limited, unlocked the energy value contained in commercial and industrial waste, through a ten year research and development program. That led to the commissioning of Australia’s first Processed Engineered Fuel manufacturing plant in Adelaide and a partnership with SITA Australia to establish SITA-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels Pty Ltd in 2007. “That was and still is an Australian first. We can now process up to 200,000 tonnes of waste per annum at that site, while Adelaide Brighton Cement has reduced its reliance on fossil fuels by over 20 per cent,” Mr Brown said.  “This brings our total processing capacity in Australia to more than 2million tonnes per annum. As ResourceCo looks to the future and the identification of new end-user opportunities, it does so with its founding philosophy firmly underpinning its growth decisions.“We’ve always believed there’s a smarter and more responsible way to utilise our resources. “The challenge is to achieve a perfect balance between commerce and the environment and that requires the community to see value in what we discard and to understand the importance of repurposing,” Mr Brown said.“Ultimately the sustainability of the recycling sector is paramount for the sustainability of our planet, our economy and our future.” FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Nicole Haack 0411 196 661