Environment Policy

At the heart of the RescourceCo business is the desire to excel in resource recovery. Our state of the art equipment and constant technological innovation make us leaders in transforming waste into useable products while maintaining a firm focus on the environmental sectors that encompass renewable energy, alternative fuels and the emerging carbon markets.

ResourceCo is committed to conserving and re-using our natural resources and seeks to protect and enhance the unique natural environments in which we operate.

With this aim we:

  • Will comply at all times with relevant Federal and State environmental laws and other legislation and requirements and;
  • Conduct our activities in an environmentally responsible and competent manner.
  • Through periodic review of our environmental management plans, community consultation and developing alliances with government policy makers and industry we aim to:
  1. Advance clear environmental objectives for the benefit of the wider community
  2. We encourage a sense of environmental responsibility for all employees in the undertaking of their duties with the aim of continually improving our environmental performance.