Who We Service

Across the group ResourceCo has developed state of the art processing facilities that manufacture a large range of quality products through the ideal of resource recovery. We have the capability to handle almost all waste streams from varied sources. Based on our philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle, the ResourceCo group offers clients a variety of recycling solutions as well as end of life options. Choose from one of the featured sectors to see how ResourceCo can assist you.


ResourceCo is a trusted and recognised supplier to projects in the Building Industry. We understand the requirements of working in and around worksites and have a successful history of delivering on projects in remote and metropolitan locations.

Local Government & Government

With the ever changing needs of the community in the removal of waste, the ResourceCo Group is an Industry Leader in innovation and tailored solutions for all waste streams no matter how complex you’re requirements are.

Civil Contractors

ResourceCo can supply you with high quality recycled pavement materials, aggregates, sands, bulk fills and asphalt products.


On your next demolition project we can assist you. If you need to dispose Construction & Industrial and Construction & Demolition waste from any project then the ResourceCo Group can divert this material from landfill at our state of the art recycling facility where it is processed into engineered fuel.

Mining Sector

At ResourceCo we are always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and the mining industry is a perfect example of how we can reuse old conveyor belts. Tyrecycle is part of resource recovery group ResourceCo.

Waste Sector

ResourceCo responsibly disposes of municipal solid waste from Kerbside collection for local council, commercial and community customers.

Transport Sector

ResourceCo are well placed to support customers with transport solutions. We are innovative in our approach to transport and are always looking for ways to reduce the cost of moving materials.